Headache of a flat car battery? A powerful jump starter will get you on your way

We’ve all been there. That awful moment when your car battery makes a churning, whirring sound or clicks and your car engine won’t start.
Sometimes this can happen at home when an interior light has been left on but it usually happens in the most inconvenient places too. In the dark and in remote locations, far from home.

A common reason for this happening is leaving your car lights/heater/radio on when you temporarily turn your engine off, perhaps picking someone up or nipping into a shop.

So what are your options?

Some motorists have access to a breakdown recovery service. Once you’ve gone through the call centre, been identified by the call handler, the average waiting time for roadside assistance is 1-3 hours. Despite the assurance of this service, it can be cold and lonely waiting in the dark and most people are nervous about being stranded on the roadside, especially females.
Other motorists carry jump leads, however, this relies on you finding a helpful motorist who has the time and patience to give you a hand. And in the meantime, the clock is ticking and you need to get moving to your destination.

How a jump starter can help

Well we have the solution just for you. And it’s so slim that you can carry it in your pocket! How good is that!
The Cygnett ChargeUp Auto 12,000 is a 12v Jump Starter and Power Pack kit is designed to start vehicles Diesel or Petrol engine in seconds. A 12v Female socket is also included and provides you with the ability to charge numerous devices and appliances such as camping equipment and other outdoor utilities like a portable fridge, fan or cooker.

Not only that it comes with a Six-point safety system, providing protection for even the most novice of users.
It easy to use and gets you going again in a matter of seconds.

Make a flat car battery headache become a thing of the past.